Is Racism Becoming More Culturally Accepted?

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Is Racism Becoming More Culturally Accepted?

Briauna Guerrerro, Reporter

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Racism has always been a part of America in one way or another, but it’s been on a steady incline these past few years.

On Nov. 16, 2018, high school boys in Wisconsin took a graduation group picture throwing up the Nazi salute. In America, there has been an uptick in racist and hate-related incidents among young people which is quite alarming. It’s happening so often that we, as a culture, are lulled into complacency, especially when it comes to younger people.

We think that racism is a thing that can be joked about without consequence.  High school boys are okay with embracing this supremacist culture. Ignoring it is no longer something we can tell ourselves to make us feel better, especially when it comes to the topic of racist actions and beliefs. When did this become something that is okay to do?

To boys it’s a fun activity and they don’t seem to have a care in the world that they are something very wrong. The worst thing is that they aren’t the only ones doing it. Many incidents over the past year have shown young people doing Nazi salutes as well as using hate speech on social media. So what is their motivation?

Belongingness. It’s what the younger generation thrives on. If someone important is doing something that’s cool, everyone else will start doing it as well. Once a trendsetter for the younger generation starts being racist on social media, they are going to follow that person.

Racism is becoming something that is becoming easier and easier to participate in. It’s a thing that people, especially a part of the younger generation, are bonding over and social media is becoming a hot spot for it.

People have jumped on the bandwagon of racism and it’s becoming more culturally acceptable to act this way. Racism has always been a part of America’s culture, but it seems like we are becoming numb to the impact that racism can have on people. The more it’s joked about and ignored, the more the wrongness of it gets lost.

This isn’t a problem that can go away with just one person or one group saying something against it. Ignoring it isn’t the best solution. But, it seems like this is the only solution being presented. This problem requires more people to be aware of it. We can no longer turn away from this problem and need to own up to our history of racism. It’s time to come together as people of America and not separate ourselves by racial bias.

Education is one of the most important keys to help alleviate this problem. Understanding where it comes from and how it has impacted us will make people become more aware of it. Go out of your way to reach out to a community that you normally wouldn’t help out. Learn from one another and look for those teaching moments in life. If you hear something racist come out of someones mouth, stop it. Tell them that it isn’t okay.

This isn’t going to solved in a day. That’s impossible. But, with more awareness and education of this long held problem, racism will no longer be a topic meant to be there for humor.  Rather it will be respected as something that yes we have done, but we can move on from it.

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