Black Panther Makes History at the 2019 Oscars


Briauna Guerrerro, Reporter

This year, at the 2019 Oscars, history was made.

Black Panther,  nominated for Best Picture is the first superhero movie to ever be honored with this award. To make this more historic, it’s also the first major blockbuster black superhero film.

Even though Black Panther didn’t win, it was an important film. Not only did it make blockbuster gold, making $700 million and taking the #3 spot in North America, it also shattered the long held myth that black movies don’t travel well, making about $646 million overseas.

Driving conversations about race, sci-fi, afrofuturism, culture, and much more, Black Panther paved its way towards its nomination. Impacting many people, it changed the way African countries are depicted by giving the world a powerful sci-fi fantasy movie. This showed the innovative minds of black women and men, which modern movie making has rarely made room for.

It may not have won Best Picture but it still went home with other rewards. By winning Best Original Music Score, Best Costume Design, and Best Production Design, Black Panther proved that this kind of movie not only deserves to be there, but should be given more chances in the future.

Films with a predominantly black storyline that have been nominated in the past portray a solemn narrative. Black Panther proves that fun and action packed black films can also stand a chance against those filled with drama.

Black Panther has managed to do what no super hero movie has done before, get nominated. Even without the win, the fact that it is a black superhero film makes it that much more historic.