A Blind Date with a Book

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A Blind Date with a Book

Briauna Guerrerro, Reporter

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Going on a blind date with a book was a very interesting experience.

The COS Library was offering an event in honor of Valentine’s Day. The premise of the event was to get people to choose a book covered in brown wrapping to participate in a blind date scenario.

Instead of a person being a potential date, a book was being offered in their place. Which made for a very interesting event at the COS library to present to the campus.

Reading is a passion of mine, so the mystery of what book was behind the wrapping was too good to pass up.

The first date was very unexpecting. A quick read that was interesting but slightly boring at the same time. The book was a graphic novel about Syrian Refugees called “Unwanted” and didn’t take that much of my time.

After the first experience there was more that could be explored with this concept. So, another date was set up to make up for the first one.

This blind date with a book was much more interesting. When the wrapping came off and the title was revealed, I couldn’t wait to start reading. Once the book was opened, it was love at first chapter.

“The Lovely Bones” had me hooked with every word and soon I was going through page after page. The first impression is the most important and “The Lovely Bones” makes a great one.

I didn’t want to leave and decided to continue reading the book. Once our time together was over, it was bittersweet.  

Once the last page was turned, I felt accomplished, yet sad that we couldn’t stay together longer.

Sadly, the book had to go back to the COS Library where they belongs, but we enjoyed being with each other for the duration of our time. If this event gets presented again, I will definitely be one of the people to participate.

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