What not to love about Valentine’s Day

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What not to love about Valentine’s Day

Briauna Guerrerro, Reporter

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For a day some sarcastically call “Singles Awareness Day,” Valentine’s Day is the worst.

One of the biggest issues that surrounds this holiday is its hyper awareness of singlehood. Relationships and social statuses are being put out in public and some find it uncomfortable. It reminds those who are single just how single they are. What may have started off as a great day can end as a bad one because of how aware a person becomes of their singlehood.

Relationship statuses shouldn’t be anyone’s business, but Valentine’s Day makes them front and center.

With relationship statuses comes sexual or romantic preferences as well and for those who may be LGBTQ and haven’t come out, it can bring an awkwardness that no one should have to endure. People of the LGBTQ community are questioned about their statuses in the love department which starts a conversation that they don’t really want to be a part of.

During elementary school, it does bring people together and put smiles on faces.

But what about when you leave? Suddenly the reality of the world hits and relationship statuses begin to matter to people. Gone are those days of innocence. People are no longer getting any candy or cards from their peers because in the adult world, it isn’t mandatory to do so. It may have been fun while being a child but, as people grow up, Valentine’s Day begins to hurt.

It can harden views on love, hearts and pink things start to be hated and the once glorious day of chocolate is no longer enjoyed as much as it did in elementary school.

While everyone is caught up in their lovey-dovey embraces, the truth of Valentine’s Day stays in the shadows. Awkward conversations endure and being single becomes a joke. The attention is put on the smiles and lovey-dovey feelings, and the single and lonely are ignored. People who feel left out, are kept out and the title of “Singles Awareness Day” continues as a joke every year.  

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