New Board of Trustees Sworn In

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New Board of Trustees Sworn In

John Lehn (left) and Ray Macareno (right) sit in on a meeting.

John Lehn (left) and Ray Macareno (right) sit in on a meeting.

John Lehn (left) and Ray Macareno (right) sit in on a meeting.

John Lehn (left) and Ray Macareno (right) sit in on a meeting.

Venie Soares, Managing Editor

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As the spring semester starts, two new Board of Trustees have been sworn in and welcomed to College of Sequoias. 

In the first Board changes since 2010, Raymond Macareno and John Lehn replace long-seated members. 

Macareno replaces retiring Earl Mann, in Ward 3, after 20 years and Lehn takes over for John Zumwalt, retiring after 24 years in Ward 5. 

The long-term members “speak to the stability of our board,” said COS President Brent Calvin, “they were fantastic Board members and we’ll miss them.” 

Macareno and Lehn will have been involved in high-intensity training before they make their first Board decisions. Upon winning their elections, they have had face-to-face meetings with President Calvin, a formal training session with all the current Board members and a Retreat where the members were given expanded and in-depth training. 

“When you package all these (training sessions) together,” said Calvin, “it will give them a running start. These (new) Board members are experienced enough to quickly transition from new member to regular member. I’m excited to work with them.” 

John Lehn’s ties to COS run deep. He’s been a student, graduate, Giant of the Year, and is an inductee the COS Hall of Fame. He’s also been a member of the Superintendent’s Advisory Council since its inception. 

As President/CEO of the Kings County Economic Development Corporation and Mayor and City Councilman in Hanford, Lehn been directly responsible for multi-million dollar budgets. In these roles he to part in developing policies that led to the development of Annual Spending Plans and multi-year Capital Improvement Plans. 

Along with his COS lineage 40 years of management experience, Lehn wats to bring his communication skills to the COS Board. 

“One of the responsibilities of the Board of Trustees,”said Lehn, “ is to ensure the processes detailed in the Governance and Decision Making, Resource Allocation, and Integrated Planning manuals are being followed to ensure the participation of all affected parties. I’m sure there will be cases, especially in the beginning, where I will not have historical experience. In those cases, I will consult those that will help inform that void.” 

For Ray Macareno, the focus comes down to community, outreach, reducing barriers, and creating partnerships.  

Macareno is the first Latino to be elected to the COS Board of Trustees and while proud of his heritage, he doesn’t want that fact to define him. 

“In our college’s 92- year history,” said Macareno, “ I am very proud to be a first among many firsts and if my upbringing serves to be beneficial to the Board, faculty and student body, then I would be happy to offer my unique perspective. I want to ensure we continue to be an all student serving institution regardless of race or ethnicity. I want to be clear, we not two separate communities, we are one community and I look forward to working closely with my fellow Board Trustees to serve the entire district.” 

By using his personal and professional experience in consulting, business, and marketing, Macareno wants to help connect student with resources that will translate to community success. He aspires to continue to strengthen the relationships with Fresno State, Tulare County Board of Education and local school districts to ensure students are ready for higher education and/or career opportunities. 

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