Eye in the sky, cameras pop up around campus

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Eye in the sky, cameras pop up around campus

Photo by Venie Soares

Photo by Venie Soares

Photo by Venie Soares

Venie Soares, Lead Reporter

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College of Sequoias Police now have an eye in the sky to go along the long arm of the law. 


Installation of an $88,000 on-campus security camera system should be fully operational by Dec.1, COS 

Police Chief Kevin Mizner said. 34 cameras will be placed in public areas and parking lots. 


“It’s a great resource,” Mizner said, “When people know there are cameras on site, it acts as a crime 

prevention tool because they know they’re being monitored.” 


We are consistently asked if we have cameras on campus, Mizner said, they will be a great help on 

weekends and nighttime, when there are no police on campus. They will also help during an active 

incident to determine the suspects position on campus, by their description. 


Some of the 1080 HDTV cameras will be fitted with up to three lenses to cover as much open area as 

possible. The cameras angles will spread from 120 to 360 degrees and will have zoom capabilities. In  

the parking lots, Mizner said, we’ll have the ability to read license plates. 


The security camera digital station will be inside the police station and will not be live-monitored, the 

cameras run on a two week digital, live recording loop. In 99 percent of incidents, Mizner said, we  

know about them in two days. The vast majority of crimes on campus are not committed by students 

and occur after policing hours. 


“We’re not monitoring and recording for eternity,” Mizner said, “We just want the safest campus we can 


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