New Editor in Chief for The Campus named

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New Editor in Chief for The Campus named

Venie Soares, Lead Reporter

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In the newsroom, editing breathes life into written words. 

For the spring semester, Michael Taber, takes over as Editor-in-Chief of The Campus newspaper and These outlets are primary news sources for the College of Sequoias. 

Taber wants the print edition to have a modern take on what newspapers are becoming. Bigger pictures, more sports, edgy, interesting commentary, and student/faculty profiles. The waning interest in print news won’t deter his goal of printing a tool to tell people’s stories. 

“A newspaper is something viable, you hold it in your hand,” Taber said, “There’s a disconnect when read news online. When it’s in print, it’s real. It’s there forever, it makes you accountable for the words you use and the research you’ve done.” 

Online news won’t be forgotten. Taber wants a bigger impact on social media. He needs an incoming staff member to take it over and run with it. Promoting the online news site, the YouTube channel, online streaming of COS events, Twitter, Facebook and podcasts. 

To take on the challenges of running a news outlet, Taber also gets a new staff. Each semester brings in around 15 budding reporters and he loses about the same. It is the ongoing situation at a two-year college. One staff member he can count on is former Editor-in-Chief, Paul Lewis, who will transition into a senior leadership and graphic design role. 

“It’s been a very good time” Lewis said, “We’ve built up a lot of steam. We have the dominoes set up.” 

Journalism advisor Judy House Menezes relishes the semester changes that keeps her job interesting and dynamic. She looks forward to the energy, ideas and atmosphere of provided by incoming students. 

“it’s a natural progression for Michael to step up,” Menezes said, “He’s an example of someone who joined the staff and probably never thought he would be editor. Thanks to Paul for serving and doing a great job.” 

New journalism recruits will be expected to ready to write from day one. Taber said he wants his new reporters to be excited, involved, and serious about their First Amendment rights. To be willing to stand up for student, campus and community rights. And most of all, be ready to meet deadlines. 

“The world won’t wait for you, Taber said, “this class will teach you to meet deadlines to get along. The real world is full of deadlines. Finish one thing and then move on to the next. I’m always there to help when you need it.”

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