The Quill club are looking to publish community writings


Alyssa Ruiz, Staff Reporter

The chance to show your creativity is finally here. The Quill Creating Writing Club is publishing their literary magazine for the third year in a row. The Giant Squib will be published next spring.

The magazine will include writing and artwork from students and faculty. Poetry, art, and stories are among the types of works that will be accepted.

Professor Jamie Moore, Quill Club’s advisors said “We want to foster a literary community and mindset on campus; to celebrate the amazing writing that we see happening everyday.”

Moore and Christina Lynch, another advisor, encourage all COS students and faculty to submit and possibly even join the Quill Club.

The word limit for magazine submissions is 5,000 words. All work must be submitted by January 13th, 2019. It is important for students to understand that they will not be receiving rewards for their work besides the satisfaction of seeing their name in print. Every submission will be considered, however, not all will be published.

Submit your work to: Only submissions from COS emails will be accepted, as only work from COS students and faculty will be accepted.

Quill club is a great place for writers or students in general to improve and further their creativity in their writing.

Club president Garry Bravo “you will be introduced to different genres and writing types. Not only would you broaden your writing style, but the club is a place of improving your writing in all around.”

During the club meetings members will receive a prompt and be given time to free write. Students will then share constructive criticism with each other in a group while going over other’s papers. Workshops like this are one of the clubs many perks.

“ Not only will this benefit a student in writing in general”, Bravo states, “it is fun for writers and can be considered as a writer’s Sanctuary and is great in a social aspect as well”

They print a Giant Squib once a year, the squib allows students to share their writing and they also include some art in there as well. Quill Club meets every Monday from 1 to 3 in LRC room 210.