Misuse of the public dollar

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Misuse of the public dollar

Venie Soares, Lead Reporter

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Mid-term elections are over. Who won? Who lost? Who’s right? Who’s wrong? Who knows? Who cares?


The last misleading flyer has been sent. The last attack ad has been aired.  There may be someone new in office, or not. Nothing has really changed. It doesn’t matter what the issue, two sides are still screaming at each other.


Our newly-elected encourage us to hurl insults and invective, if not projectiles, at opponents.

With a straight face, the victors tell us THEY are the ones fighting the good fight. The losers do commentary on a cable news channel. Either way, a small donation is needed for the next go around. For the cause, you see.


It doesn’t matter if it’s the Incumbent or challenger, they have one thing in common. Like any magician knows sleight-of-hand, the newly elected know how to distract us and make something disappear. Our tax dollars.


Ask anyone about wasteful programs and pork-barrel spending and they can spout the party line, with the proper adulation or disdain, about it’s use and cause. And depending on which side your on, how it affects the working class.


Ah yes, the working class. The Congress and Senate claim to share our problems and understand how the working class lives. Maybe we should try to live like them.


Go to work tomorrow and tell your shift leader you want 200 paid days off, that you and your

coworkers will vote on how much the pay rate will be. $174,000 will probably do.


When he sends you to the General Manager, tell him you want 72% of your Obamacare Gold

Level Plan paid, a yearly pension of 80% of your highest salary and a life insurance payout of

one year’s salary.


After the laughter, you’ve been fired and are on the street, don’t look for another job. Start that business you’ve always dreamed of. Go to the bank and tell the Loan Officer that you are idealistic, a reformer, and your needs are basic.


Don’t forget to base it in Washington D.C. and keep an office in your home state.

You will need free plane flights between the D.C. and home office. You may need occasional

“fact finding missions” to exotic locales, naturally, their free too. And of course, no spending

limits on expenses. Don’t want to look cheap.


Offices in both locations should have simple, yet tasteful furnishings. $40,000 per office with no

limit on how many offices can be opened. Seems fair. Gotta have staff and office expenses.

1.2 to 3.3 million should do it. Per year. Oops, forgot. On-site gym and private dining room

are must haves.


Back on the street again. Why was the banker laughing?  Luckily, there’s a seasonal tax office across the street. Go in and demand the extra $3,000 home office tax deduction given to the Congress and Senate.


Take this windfall and do some investment trading, don’t worry about insider trading. The best info is private, and by law, you don’t have to publicly disclose your trades


Damn. On the street again. Why are these guys laughing so much? Guess you’ll have to wait it out until retirement. But the good news is that, for the Congress and Senate, Social Security is four times higher than the average working class citizen


The moral? We deserve more bang for our buck from Congressmen and Senators. They are compensated more than we can ever expect to be. Voting is the only way to hold them responsible. If you voted for either side last Tuesday, remember, in the next election vote for

what they have accomplished, not what they promised.

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