Why I should care about the Board of Trustees

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Why I should care about the Board of Trustees

Paul Lewis, Editor in Chief

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I can see it now.

You pick up the front page of this paper and your eyes are immediately drawn to the cute dogs on the top. Who can blame you?  I put them there myself and they still grab my attention.

Continuing on you run into stat-boxes celebrating two of our talented Giant athletes and finish with some quotes about spooky shadow kids and quesadilla hating spectral grandfathers.

Not a bad front page, you might think, a little light on content though.

Wait for a second though, wasn’t there an article smack dab in the middle that you missed?

Something about a board of trustees?

And it’s not really that you missed it.

You saw the article, but you read it’s title, realized it was something about college administration, and decided it didn’t have anything to do with you.

Bear with me for a second though, trust that the person who made sure you got cute dog pics and weird ghost stories right out the gate has your best interests in mind.

Does how the college spends the relatively huge amount of money it gets have anything to do with you?

Does the hiring and firing of teachers and faculty concern you?

Does what you’re expected to learn and what you’re tested on have any importance in your life?

Are you still salty about Carls Jr dipping?

All of this, and frankly a lot more, is decided upon by the Board of Trustees in one way or another.

Now let’s get down to the seemingly boring stuff: What exactly is the Board of Trustees?

The Board of Trustees is an administrative body charged with governing how our college runs.

They are ultimately the last say on any given matter concerning our school. Your teacher’s boss’s boss’s boss, if you will. They serve at the pleasure of the community through 4 year elected terms, with the exception of the student trustee a fellow student who is elected by the COS Student Senate to represent our student body.

You might have caught that the board is actually elected and that at least one member is elected from the student populace.

Each position on the board is elected from the voters of a given ward, or student senate in the case of the student trustee.

Two of those wards are up for election this coming election cycle.

Come November 6th you can have a direct say on who leads our college.

This is important stuff. A direct say in who decides where we go as an institution.

It should be clear, especially in light of today’s political situation, that sitting back and complaining isn’t enough, we need to get involved.

We need to make change for ourselves.

Well, here’s your chance. Now go back and read that article on the front page.

Make some change.

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