Top 10 costume for Halloween 2018

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Top 10 costume for Halloween 2018

Megan Woodson, Staff Reporter

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Top  10 Halloween Costumes of this year

Some may have a hard time to find a costume for Halloween but I’m sure they’re many from this list you can choose from or get inspiration from as well.

  1. Wonder Woman: This is basically a classic that has been recycled throughout the years but made a big comeback with the following 2017 movie that’s full of girl power.
  2. Any Fortnite Character:  Just about everyone knows about the game Fortnite. So don’t be surprised if you see some people dress up as their favorite character from the show.
  3. Eleven from Stranger Things: Basically almost everyone has seen the awesome show “Stranger Things” people are probably going to dress up as the badass weird girl from the show.
  4. Michael From Halloween: What’s more classic than the movie Halloween?  Along with this year’s remake about the classic horror flick don’t be surprised or scared if people dress up as Michael this year.
  5. Deadpool: All I got to say with this one who doesn’t love Deadpool?
  6. Any Clown costume you can think of: Personally I hate clowns but it’s always been a classic to dress up as scary demon clown so don’t be surprised by that.
  7. The Incredibles:  This one going to be annoying but since the new movie just came out I’m not surprised. I just feel like it’ll be a little overplayed this year.
  8. Riverdale: Many have seen the show Riverdale or at least know about it  so there might be a lot people dressing up as their favorite character from the show.
  9. Classics:  When I mean classics I mean like, Werewolves, Vampires , Witches , Zombies, Cats,  Freddy from “Nightmare on Elm Street”, Jason and etc.
  10. The Nun: Lastly The Nun since the movie just came out I feel like there will be a lot of people walking around as a creepy nun.


Those are my Top 10 Halloween Costumes that I asume many will dress  up as this year but with that said I’m sure there are many more popular costumes you’ll seen this Halloween.  Everyone have fun , get scared and be safe. Happy Halloween!

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