Making the most of the fall season

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Making the most of the fall season

Megan Woodson, Staff Reporter

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During the colder months there are many things to do during the fall. Which is my favorite season personally. So here are my my favorite things to do during fall to pass time.

  1. Pumpkin Patch/Corn Maze: One thing to do during fall would be going to a Pumpkin Patch and Corn Maze. The Tulare County Vossler farms has a Pumpkin patch and Corn Maze combo. Which is a great place to have some fun with friends and family.
  2. Watch scary movies: Watching scary movies is a essential thing to do during fall especially during Halloween. My favorite scary movies to watch during this time would have to be, “Trick O’ Treat”, “Halloween”, “Freddy Vs. Jason”, and “The Ring”. But that’s just to name a few.
  3. Go Camping: Going camping is a fun activity to do during fall. It can also help you bind ore with friends, family or your significant other also mainly because you won’t have any signal to be on your phone.
  4. Hiking: Hiking is another great activity to do when you’re feeling a little board, there’s plenty of beautiful scenery to see while you’re  on your hike. It is also a great source of exercise too.
  5. Carve Pumpkins: Carving Pumpkins is a great Fall activity especially since it’s going Halloween soon.
  6. Go to a Halloween party: A costume party is a good way to get in the Halloween spirit and to dress up as your favorite character for a night.
  7. Make S’mores: Making S’mores by a fire is fun plus who doesn’t like S’mores. It’s a tasty treat to make during any cold month.
  8. Take Fall Pictures: If you’re like me who loves taking photos, taking Fall aesthetic pictures can be fun and it’s a good way to be creative
  9. Decorate your house for Halloween: Decorating your house for Halloween can be fun , I personally love to do it because it is my favorite holiday and I love to see how spooky I can make it.

10.Going ghost haunting: Checking out your haunted houses or going to places that are haunted is a fun but scary activity to do but always go with friends and be safe.

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