Sacking The Quarterback

Jared Salcedo, Staff Reporter

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The NFL loves to protect the franchise position of the team which is the quarterback position. For years the NFL has tried to find a way to make the tackle on quarterbacks more safer and less “roughing”. The league in 2018 made a rule where if a defensive player falls on top of the QB during a sack or tackle when the QB has made the throw, then it will result in a flag and first down. Roughing the passer is what they call it. It is a ridiculous rule because what is the point in trying to tackle the QB? It’s understandable they want to protect the QB , but tackling is apart of the job and the “sack” the defensive players get are now usually 15 yard penalties . In week 3 of the NFL season 4 roughing the passer penalties were called in the battle between the Buccaneers and Steelers. The 4 penalties were called in the first half of the game. There were questionable calls and the fans in Tampa Bay let the refs hear it after they were called for a “soft” hit on Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger. Also, Green Bay Packers Linebacker Clay Matthews was called back to back weeks for “roughing the passer”. In the game against the Vikings, Matthews came up huge with sack on QB Kirk Cousins which would’ve ended the game, but ended in a penalty and the game continued on. The game against the Vikings ended in a tie and angered Packers fans. The following week against the Redskins, Matthews again was called on a roughing the passer call on QB Alex Smith. The Packers lost the game and fans took action on social media calling out the NFL and making fun of the “new” sack rule. Two Packers fans posted a video of them “sacking” the quarterback by picking the player and laying them down gently with a pillow. The rule change is good, but it is ridiculous. The defensive player is basically tackling a walking penalty. Players and analysts have voiced their views on the situation and did not hold back. ESPN’s Louis Riddick tweeted out “Don’t ruin the game #nfl…be careful.”  Clay Matthews after the loss against the Redskins, he says, “Unfortunately, this league’s going in a direction a lot of people don’t like. They’re getting soft.” The league is going in a wrong direction and the league at some point has to change this rule. It’s understanding in protecting the QB, but it’s apart of the game and nothing should be done about it. IF the roughing the passer was an actual illegal hit then it should be called. Other than that it should be left alone.

It is ruining football to enjoy because why even play if you can’t do your job? The whole point of tackle football is to tackle the person that has the ball and win the game. It is wrong and unfair to the defensive players that go to sack the QB because the worry of getting the penalty and losing the game got elevated quick. Matthews “roughing the passer” call on QB’s Alex Smith and Kirk Cousins was clean and it was ridiculous to watch calls like that happen to one of the league’s best rushers. If this was the league about two seasons ago we wouldn’t be seeing these types of calls. It has caused teams like the Tampa Bay Bucs, Green Bay Packers, Cleveland Browns, and the Dallas Cowboys to lose the game or result in a tie. The league has gone way out of control and it must be fixed in order to keep satisfactory of its players and the fans too. I personally went out on Twitter like the other millions of upset fans and bashed the NFL for making this rule. I wrote to them saying, “Wow @NFL! You guys have grown softer over the years and this hit (Clay Matthews hit on Alex Smith) along with the other calls today proves you guys are trending in the wrong direction. What is the point in having a pass rush? Fix this rule because it is pathetic like your guy’s commissioner ”. At the end of the season the NFL must take a look again at this rule and either get rid of it or make some changes. This will not fly well in the future.


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