A podcast that will give you goosebumps

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A podcast that will give you goosebumps

Sydney Rojas, Staff Reporter

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It’s October time for ghosts and scary stories. Students are spending this month partying, attending corn mazes, and trying to summon ghosts at a graveyard. If you find that you are not one to be out and active in the month of spooks but you still want to feel the little thrills that October bring us. There is always another way to have a good time, Halloween is not the same without scary stories but what if these stories were real. Sword and Scale a true crime podcast that tells horrifying true stories of murder. Not just your average attacks such as stabbings or shootings you’d see reported on the news. These tales are graphic and gruesome in how the murders took place you’ll feel as if you were there yourself when you listen you’d hear real 911 audio taken from the scene, The interrogation, and the trial . When first listening to the podcast you’ll catch yourself locking all the doors at night and sometimes staying up out of shock or fear. Here are some episodes that will keep you on your toes

Episode 114, This is about murder of Kimberly Hill, her killer being her own son is enough to make you wonder why and what was he thinking. The boy was 18 and said he wanted to kill himself but  proceeded to attack his mother once her was done he washed up and went to a house and told them he just killed his mother and to call the police.

Episode 117, A 13 year old girl wakes up to her dad in a Halloween mask trying to choke her she hit him and he let go she thought it was all a dream until she woke up again to hear loud screaming. This episode is a trip as in it’ll make you think “how is something like this possible?” and “should he get away with it ?”

Episode 120, almost a whole family is practically slaughtered and attacked who did it two brothers who idolized mass murders such at the columbine shooters. The family was their own the story itself is creepy and mind boggling but if you find yourself wanting a little more information looking up their names will show some horrible photos of the brothers covered in dirt and blood with torn clothes. Robert and Michael Bever were in their teens when they had decided to try and murder their whole family.

The Last episodes to mention are 33 and 34, This is the story of Luka Magnotta a man who would do anything for the spotlight or even the slightest amount of fame even murder and innocent transfer student by the name of Jun Lin. Luka had recorded himself chopping up this man and posted it to the internet for all to see. Then proceeded to throw out his body parts out in garbage bags for the public to find. The video is horrible and graphic and is something we would not recommend anyone to watch just listen to the two part story and don’t let your curiosity get the best of you.

This Podcast is very graphic and uses vulgar language listen at your own risk. The best thing about a podcast is that you can listen and take it with you where you go. Enjoy your Halloween students stay safe.

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