Telling stories folklore and legends

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Telling stories folklore and legends

Michael Taber, Managing Staff Editor

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Campsite ghost stories and cautionary tales with a dash of the macabre sprinkled in are a part of every culture around the world. The retelling of folklore and myths are a way for the current generation to connect to their ancestors.

There is a popular podcast called Lore hosted and written by Aaron Mahnke which was launched in 2015 have brought stories of the weird and sometimes horrifying to the masses.

“ Lore is a collective of nightmares mythologies that are rooted in real life horror stories “said Mahnke .

Mahnke retelling of these stories gives a in-depth history of when and where some of our iconic boogieman and paranormal tales creation.

Sometimes the truths behind these stories are just as terrifying as the tall tales story themselves.

The history of stories behind vampires, werewolves and things that go bump in the night are both informative and entertaining.

Mahnke weaves a story each and every episode that makes the heart race and the mind to get lost in tale laced in the mysterious.

Check out this podcast this witching season to entertain and possibly enlighten ones self of folklore.

Lore can be found on iTunes and most places where podcast can be found such as Stitcher and Spotify.

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