Three Fashion Revivals of 2018

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Fashion trends come and go every year but somehow make their way back again. For fashion lovers like me, I find this excited because even if a trend goes “out of style” or deemed not stylish anymore there are ways to vamp them up in a stylish modern way.  Here are some trends that flopped and came back even stronger

Leopard print: As you look at magazines and the runway lately this fall leopard print has been showing up more and more in stores and has been the new revamped fashion trend. This trend was a hit back in 2010-2011 but soon died out. Now it is back this fall with fur coats, dresses, accessories, and shoes.

Chokers: The past few years chokers have made a come back and slowly faded out of style the beginning of this year, but thanks too Camila Cabello at the iHeartRadio Music Awards this year for bringing it back with a revamped style. This 90’s trend doesn’t look like its going out of style anytime soon

Goth inspired Slip dress:  90’s Lingerie inspired dresses continue to take over the red carpet with new treatments and lengths. Then Courtney Love and Amanda de Cadenet rocked the red carpet  in slinky gowns. Now this old trend is revamped into a more flattering style.


Fashion trends come and go but they don’t stay gone for long.

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