Build a Burger coming to COS

Alyssa Ruiz, Staff Reporter


The time has finally come. The old Carl’s Jr. restaurant will now be replaced with a fast-casual burger restaurant. According to Food Service Manager, Zachary Patterson, the replacement will be called The Giant Grill and will include a “build your own burger” option.

The reason for the change was because of the dissatisfaction that students had towards the old restaurant. Patterson says, “I knew since I started my position at COS that this was going to have to be an area that we addressed as soon as possible.” He went on to say that this was the perfect chance for the campus to be develop itself in a unique way.

As for the restaurant’s menu, Patterson says there will be a separate

breakfast menu which will include new, modern, and healthy options such as acai bowls and avocado toast. The prices of the high-quality food items will cost around $5 or so, similar to the price of regular fast food restaurants.

The construction is said to be completed by the beginning of October. Students may be able to build their own burgers by the beginning of November, depending on how long it takes to properly train student workers. The reconstruction was meant to be started towards the beginning of the summer but had to be pushed back due to timing issues. The budget of the entire reconstruction and remodel of  Alta Peak, including a retail shopping area, and the necessary new restaurant equipment was about $160,000. These new changes may be something students can look forward to within the next couple of months.