Why You Should Adopt

Ashlee Penn, Reporter

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Michael Taber
Valley SPCA comes to COS Campus


One of the best feelings in the world is being able to help those who aren’t able to help themselves. Every year according to the ASPCA approximately 6.5 billion animals are entered into shelters across the United States. That’s about double the population of Los Angeles and triple the population of Houston.

When looking at it in retrospect we can get a better idea of how crowded and over populated the shelters here in the U.S must be.

This is why it is very important to help when you can and remember to always adopt! People tend think that adoption must be the most popular form of finding a companion, but little do they know that the highest percentage of ways people find their animals is from special breeders. Breeders actively market off their animals and are constantly searching for a home to sell them too. In the end the bred dogs will reassuringly always find a home.

Sheltered animals on the other hand have a lot less of a chance. There are so many and they might not be as appealing as animals that are specially bred. But finding a companion shouldn’t be all about the prices and the type of dog.

Finding a furry companion should be about how compatible you are with the animal itself. If you are a person looking at expenses, adopting an animal from a shelter is significantly cheaper than getting one from a breeder.

The shelter environment can also be very detrimental to an animal’s mental health. Animals that enter shelters can develop anxiety as well as depression and begin to grow bad habits such as snapping at people or pacing back and forth, symptoms usually referred to as kennel stress.

Taking animals out of that environment and putting them in a loving one will help alleviate that anxiety.

Think of it this way, we get put into cells for disobeying laws and they get put into cells because they have no home. I’m not a genius or anything, but I don’t think that particularly sounds right. Adopting the sheltered animals would help their anxiety and stress immensely and in the end save the lives of many innocent animals.

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