Giant’s Baseball Head Coach Reaches 600 Wins

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Giant’s Baseball Head Coach Reaches 600 Wins

Kyle Mack

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Jody Allen reached a historic accomplishment by earning his 600th career victory as the Giants baseball head coach. On Saturday, February 3rd the Giants baseball team earned the win with a final score of 10-1 over the Hartnell College Panthers of Salinas. This gave Coach Allen his 600th career win as the Head Coach for the Giants.

“I’m grateful,” said Coach Allen.

“We have both great players and a lot of great coaches,” he said.

Coach Allen’s first season coaching the Giants was back in 1994. The way he coaches is a bit different from when he first started, but the game itself is still the same.

“The way you communicate and handle is different. Hopefully I’ve gotten wiser and found ways to communicate what you want to get out of people,” said Allen.

Coach Allen has a strong passion for the game. It’s the main reason why he’s been able to coach for so long.

“Teaching fundamentals and teaching the right way to play the game gives me lots of satisfaction,” said Allen.

Allen has had lots of success as the Giants Head Coach over the years. According to the COS Athletics page, Coach Allen’s other accomplishments include reaching the playoffs 14 times, five Top-8 finishes, Final Four appearances in 1997 and 2014, American Baseball Coaches Association National Coach of the Year for the Pacific Division, as well as other as other accomplishments. Not only has he reached 600 career wins, but Allen also is the Giants all-time leading coach in wins which has also put him into the top-25 California Community Colleges Wins-list. Allen also reached 1,000 games coached during the 2017 season. Before becoming a coach for COS, Allen was a coach for travel teams that won tournaments in Beijing, China and Melbourne, Australia.

Not only has Coach Allen been successful as a coach, but he has also been successful a player himself. According to the COS Athletics page, Allen attended Hoover High School of Fresno. He was inducted into the Hoover Baseball Hall of Fame in 2013. He attended college at Kings River College in Reedley where he played shortstop and would later become Male Athlete of the Year I’m 1984. He would later go on to attend Fresno State where in 1985, played on the conference champion team that was Top-10 in the country. As a senior, Allen was named team captain. Allen was on a team that represented the United States that traveled to Sydney, Australia.

Coaching for 25 years is a long time and Coach Allen does not plan on stopping.

“I’m going to do it until I don’t want to anymore,” said Coach Allen.

The Giants will be continuing their push towards playoffs this season with Coach Allen leading the way.

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