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The Uneven Playing Field

Michael Taber

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I grew up in a time where the only women in sports that I heard or saw was tennis and when the Summer Olympics came around every four years. Since then times have changed a more and more women athletes have been visible. With women joining the ranks in mma and boxing there has been some great strides in women taken the spotlight. For the first time women are being portrayed in being fierce competitors instead as delicate eye candy that can not compete with the men.

That image that has been ingrained in our mind that men athletes are far superior than women still remains in our society. The truth is, that is really not the case. The problem is that women athletes are not being promoted because most believe that there is no money in it. Why promote something if one is not going to make billions off it. Let’s take what is currently happening in the world of sports, March Madness. The coverage for the men is massive while if you try to find a game that covers the women you would have to search far and wide just to find a game. The truth in it, I find women in sports far more compelling than the men because it is new and fresh. The US Women soccer team to me is more entertaining than watching the men. That being said you cannot find a match for the National Women’s Soccer League anywhere. The fact is that any professional or college women’s sport team event is impossible to find in the main stream media.

Let’s take how women sports are represented here on the campus. The women’s basketball team has been far more successful than the men, but little is promoted or talked about. The women basketball team terrific season came to end in the State Championships playoffs. This should be a time of the COS celebrating the success and the community coming together to support the women, but it seems like it’s the best kept secret on campus. It’s a real shame.

The Giants softball team are another example of the community not knowing or caring about the success of women sports. I have been to some recent games both for softball and the men’s baseball. While both are entertaining in there own way, I would choose watching the women play over the men. For those who have never seen our women play they are missing out, The atmosphere the women create during the game is fantastic. One could tell that they enjoy playing the game with one and another. Their constant chants and encouragement is a great example of what being teammates is all about. Not should I recommend that little girls should see this as an inspiration but boys also. There is something great that is happening on campus with the women’s softball team.

My only answer to the problem is that we as consumers need to invest in the future in women in sports. There is great promise that it can and should be just as successful than any other men sporting events. There is something still pure about sports regarding women. I not referring to the idea that we think that women are more innocent and morally right than men. I am referring that it has not been corrupted by those who see sports as a money making endeavor that they are willing to pay millions to athletes to make billions. Then when scandals happen that owners and sponsors try to cover or look the other way or in recent cases use it as a way to sell more tickets. I not trying to rake men through the coals, I enjoy sports. Both men and women should have a equal platform to showcase their talent. It seems like that sports just as many other fields in the world that women are not seen as equals. There may be change that coming to make it not so, but it seems to me that it is a uphill climb that many are putting obstacles in it’s path. The solution is to recognize and support success that is deserved.

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The Uneven Playing Field