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Stop complaining about the Oscars

Kason Clark

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The nominees for the 90th Academy Awards have been announced and the Academy recognized films from several genres. The nominees include psychological thriller ‘Get Out,’ summer blockbuster ‘Dunkirk,’ romantic fantasy ‘The Shape of Water,’ coming-of-age dramas ‘Call Me by Your Name’ and ‘Lady Bird’ and black comedy ‘Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri.’ The only films that would fit the mold of typical Oscar films are ‘The Post’ and ‘Darkest Hour.’

Despite a wider variety of films than years’ past, some people are still upset that the Academy’s choices do not represent their tastes.

“If ‘Dunkirk’ doesn’t win Best Picture in this group of also-rans, it’ll show that the Oscar voters are a bunch of out of touch, preening morons voting for their latest SJW project. Which is precisely what will happen,” political commentator Ben Shapiro said on Twitter.

Others complained about how the Academy Awards are rigged because ‘Blade Runner 2049,’ ‘Logan,’ ‘Wonder Woman,’ and even the lukewarmly received ‘The Greatest Showman’ did not receive nominations for Best Picture.

These people believe that the Academy is wrong to exclude these films from their nominees. These people then go online to complain about these choices and create an echo chamber of how the Academy is stupid.

What these people do not seem to realize is that the Academy members are just sharing their opinions just like they are. Film is a form of art, and just like all art, film is subjective. Not everyone is going to agree that a film is great or that a film is terrible. There are people out there who dislike ‘The Godfather’ and people who like ‘Batman and Robin’ and there is nothing you can do about it.

The Academy chose these films because they fall into their tastes and if you are not a fan of those kinds of films, then you should not be interested in the Oscars at all. There are other awards shows that might fit your tastes such as the MTV Movie Awards and the Teen Choice Awards.

If you are surprised by the nominations for the Oscars, then you have not been paying attention to past Oscars. The Academy has always nominated films based on true stories or tackle social issues. Rarely has the Academy recognized films from the horror, science fiction, action and horror genres. The last few best picture winners highlight the Academy’s taste: ‘Moonlight’ (A film about a young man exploring his homosexuality), ‘Spotlight’ (A true story about The Boston Globe investigating the cover up of child abuse in the Catholic Church) and ‘Birdman’ (A film about a washed up actor getting back into work). So why would you be surprised that a film based on a comic book character did not get nominated?

If you love the movies that did not get nominated, that should not lessen the artistic value or how much you love the film. If ‘Wonder Woman’ gave you the hero on the big screen that you have always wanted, then that movie has already won. If ‘Logan’ gave Hugh Jackman the send off he deserved and it affected you emotionally, then it does not need an Oscar nomination. You do not need your film to get nominated to feel validated in your opinion about the film. At the end of the day, your opinion is all that matters.

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Stop complaining about the Oscars