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Chaos Theory: Everything Matters!

Josh Matsumoto, Reporter

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A single flap of a butterfly’s wings could potentially create a tsunami later in time. It is difficult to think something so minuscule could create such a catastrophe in time, but this idea may affect your life in more ways than a storm. The Chaos Theory or The Butterfly Effect is the idea that the sensitivity of dynamic systems varies depending on conditions. This idea was first explained by Edward Lorenz, Professor at MIT in the early 70’s, and states that the slightest change in something can create big change depending on the scenario. However, this is just scratching on the surface of the idea, since this concept does play into the life of an every day college student.

Think about the first decision you make when you wake up, there is the option to sleep in or the option to start off your day. This simple choice can create a difference if you are going to be late for school or not. The minor decisions we take for granted each day really shape us up for the future. You could create bad habits that eventually lead up to issues, or make health conscious decisions that create even more opportunities for you. This leads onto the next idea: how do I know I am making the right decision?

The answer to that is simple, you do not. Life is unpredictable, and change is always going to be a constant in everyone’s life. For a college student, we think about what we want to major in and most of the time we may change it over time. Even small decisions too, like wondering whether to go to class or if that late assignment is even worth attempting to finish. Every decision we make will change the course of our future, but we should not rip out our hair if we do not always choose the “best” option.

Here at the College of the Sequoias you could say that we are making a minor step into a major career decision. The decisions you make will ultimately change the way your perspective is on life. The Chaos Theory may be based on numbers and trying to predict the future outcomes of scenarios, but it does relate to a person who just wants to know they are making the right decision for their life.

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Chaos Theory: Everything Matters!