COS makes a splash with the new pool renovations


Louie Vale

Construction workers make progress on the new COS pool

Jesenia Orozco

Get your swimsuits, for the new pool is coming.

After a long wait of four years since the COS pool has had some adjustments, COS is proud to announce that the pool is finally receiving a full renovation this year. The grand opening of the new addition at COS is almost here.

Byron Woods, the Dean of the Facilities Department, expressed that he gave the proposition for the pool renovation to the school.

“The pool was literally falling apart,” Woods said, “so I thought that we should do something about it.”

Woods noted that the health department was about to shut the area down, since the concrete deck was falling into the pool and the exterior was beginning to surface, becoming nearly unsafe to walk around it.

“The last time the pool was renovated was around 2013, when the plaster of the pool, along with over 200 patches for the surface, were repaired,” Woods said, “The concrete decking has never been replaced. It was all basically original, and very difficult to replace.”

However, Woods also mentioned that this proposal took several months for the school board and the district to approve.

“The idea was introduced in the 2015-2016 school year,” Woods said, “between the Facilities Department and the school district.”

He added that it was because of the uncertainty that the construction would get done in time before the end of 2017, provided that the construction was also scheduled for the summer of this year, which became a tight window to meet. Although, the main concern was how it would affect students if the renovation extended into the school year, especially those in athletics. Nonetheless, since the school had an opportunity this year for the renovation, the school board is doing their best to make sure that it does not interfere too much with the student environment or athletic events.

By reflecting upon changes being done, Woods claims that the pool will not look extremely different.

“We are actually pouring the concrete today,” Woods said, “and next week they will be resurfacing the interior of the pool. Of course, there are still a lot of tests we need to run before we allow anyone into the pool.”

The concrete deck is being replaced, as well as the pool surface being refinished. In addition, there will be fencing improvements, and accessibility seating will also be upgraded to meet clientele needs.

Woods most importantly declared that the school is aiming to have the pool opened for the middle of October. He also mentioned that the construction contract for the renovation was $875,000, but worth every penny.

“In my opinion, the pool is a district property,” said Woods, “It should be our responsibility to make sure it benefits the students and make them happy. We take real pride in meeting their satisfaction.”

So for those with their swimsuits in hand, Woods assures that the pool will soon be available for students, the district, athletics and for school events.