Stan A. Carrizosa, president of COS, shares his final accomplishments before retirement


Louie Vale

Stan Carrizosa, President of COS. (October 31, 2017)

Lissete Rios, Reporter

Stan A. Carrizosa has taken on many challenges in his career to better education in his community, and now he’s ready to take on retirement.

“At the end of the night I’m tired, but when I see the pathways we’ve created it’s worth being tired,” said Carrizosa.

Carrizosa has been the Superintendent/President at College of the Sequoias the last six years. He has worked in education for the last 35 years and has always had a passion for being an administrator. However, after putting his life work into COS over the course of six years, he decided it’s time to spend be with his family.

Carrizosa grew up in Dinuba, and after he graduated high school he attended College of the Canyons. After he finished his prerequisites he transferred to Northridge and got his degree in Physical education.

“I loved teaching and coaching but improving curriculum was important for me,” said Carrizosa.

He decided he wanted to be pursue a career in administration, so he got his master’s and licenses for administration.

Carrizosa first worked in Kings County, at the Hanford High west campus. Over the years, Carrizosa worked as a principal, superintendent and district superintendent in Dinuba and Visalia Unified school districts.

In 2012, he got the opportunity to be superintendent at COS, and expand his leadership at a college campus.

“It was an exciting new level of leadership, I used my experiences from my previous positions and it got me here,” said Carrizosa.

When he started working at COS, the school was in a deep recession. Carrizosa had to deal with budget cuts, decline in enrollment and accreditation issues.

“It was a challenging time, we had to take resources from each campus while we went through this transition,” he said.

While the college cut courses and summer school and lacked funds, Carrizosa refused to give up on COS.

“We had a commitment to our faculty and to meet our student’s needs,” said Carrizosa.

In a year, the board of trustees, faculty, staff and students came together to build a system. This system is the COS master plan: an annual report of the objectives and goals COS has met.

“It was a stressful time but it was worth it,” he said.

In the next five years, COS opened the Hanford and Tulare Centers, making three campuses into one college. During this time, COS flourished again because enrollment and district budget increased.

“Having all three campuses up and running was great, the idea of the expansion was that we wanted students to be able to have the opportunity to go to school,” he said. “Not everyone has access or transportation to get to Visalia, growing enrollment was a huge accomplishment.”

In 2012, COS enrollment had lost over 5,000 students, and now it has almost increased to 20,000.

Another accomplishment that Carrizosa is proud of is hiring new faculty over the last five years. COS has been hiring more new staff members each year, last year they hired 28 new faculty.

“Hiring new faculty is a great feeling, it’s part of something good,” said Carrizosa.

Carrizosa expressed how all these accomplishments and getting COS back on track could not have been done without the help of his faculty.

His daughter Estee Carrizosa admires him because he has always been so hardworking.

“He is one of the most passionate and hardworking people I know, he’s demonstrated intrinsic motivation to succeed,” she said.

S. Carrizosa has worked endlessly to created new courses and programs for COS students. He is proud of the transfer center and the new pathway to law school unit course. If students are majoring in law, now they will have the opportunity to do 60 units pre-approved at COS that they can use to transfer.

“Education is a beautiful thing, it’s not about the money it’s about giving our students a better quality of life,” said S. Carrizosa.

President Carrizosa has worked at COS for almost six years, but has decided to retire soon. His daughter was diagnosed with breast cancer last year, and during that time S. Carrizosa realized it was time to focus on his family.

“My stars lined up everything has come full circle, I’ve been working for 35 years it’s time,” said president Carrizosa.

S. Carrizosa has enjoyed working with his faculty and everything they have accomplished together.

“I’ve learned so much in the last 6 years, I know the college will be secure and keep on flourishing,” said S. Carrizosa.

As for retirement, he is excited for this new chapter in his life, and being able to spend time with his kids.

“I am excited for my dad’s retirement because he has put so much of his life into his work. I look forward to seeing him explore other parts of himself that make him happy,” said Estee Carrizosa.

President Carrizosa loves to cook on his free time and go to the movies with his family. He still enjoying his last year as president and excited for his last day on June 30, 2018.

“The harder I work, the luckier I get,” he said.

Louie Vale
Stan Carrizosa, President of COS. (October 31, 2017)