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How to keep yourself safe on campus

Emergency call box

Emergency call box

Jesenia Orozco

Jesenia Orozco

Emergency call box

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Most students believe they are safe but they can always be safer.

Even though we may not always hear what happens around our school or community, it is important to know how to keep yourself safe. The most effective way is to try not to give a criminal an opportunity.

“You know most of the time, safety starts with the individual.” Criminology Professor and retired Police Officer, Dave Wheeler, said.

Wheeler shared a few tips to keep ourselves and our personal belongings safe.

· Do not leave valuable items out in plain sight, that includes; your laptop, wallet, and jewelry.

· Pay attention to your environment and surroundings

· Stay away from dark places

· Do not give criminals an opportunity

· Walk in a group. Have your friends wait for you or ask a classmate where they parked and walk there together

· Do not unlock your car when you are nowhere near it.

· Do not make yourself vulnerable

“Criminals take advantage of an opportunity.” Wheeler said

Without realizing it, we tend to make ourselves vulnerable. We feel safe when we are on campus, which is good, but we still need to be cautious.

Andrew Wood and Randy Bennet, criminology majors and students of Wheeler added some more tips.

· Check your school email. COS District Police send an email alerting the students about what is going on.

· Try to park as close to the building as possible

· Before you get out of your car look around. Again, be aware of your surroundings.

· Before getting into your car look in the back seat and under the car

· Know where the Blue Emergency Buttons are

The Blue Emergency Buttons, which are in the parking lots and by the Sequoia building, are to alert people and the COS district police that something is happening at your location.

“Make sure you can do everything possible that you can, to make sure that you are safe.” Said Bennet.

It is not only the campus officers job to improve safety on campus, it is the students job.

“There is always room for improvement but we all have to be on board for such improvement.” Said Wood

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How to keep yourself safe on campus