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Free Fire Review: Doesn’t Quite Hit the Mark

Kason Clark

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Brie Larson and several other talented actors ready their weapons for Free Fire, a new action-comedy that stars Larson (Kong: Skull Island), Armie Hammer (The Social Network), and Sharlto Copely (District 9). The majority of this film takes place in an abandoned warehouse over the course of a single night. Several criminals meet for an arms deal, one which quickly falls apart and turns into a shootout where they all just try to survive.

The acting in Free Fire was exceptional overall. Copley was very good as the eccentric arms dealer Vernon while Hammer also gave a charismatic and likable performance in his role as Ord. Larson and Cillian Murphy (Batman Begins) gave decent enough performances as Justine and Chris respectively but didn’t make the impact that I expected they would due to their talent. No one in the rest of the cast gave a stand out performance either but there also weren’t any poor performances.

The comedy in this film was hit-or-miss but it was mostly misses. Most of the humor was not funny but it did feel at least a bit organic. Thus, it didn’t feel awkward like most bad comedies.

The most disappointing aspect of this film was the action. When the anticipated shootout finally began about half an hour into the film, it was simpler than it should have been. For the first 30 minutes of the shootout, it was mostly characters peeking in and out of cover and firing a weapon and every now and then a character would get hit but not killed. There wasn’t any energy to these sequences and the lack of any music added to that tediousness. However, in about the last half hour of the film, the action gets more energetic and creative. This was definitely the most entertaining part of the film for me and it was exactly what I wanted when I first saw the film’s trailer.

Overall, Free Fire was okay but it was a disappointment as I was looking forward to this original film with its talented cast and unique premise. The final third of this film and some of theperformances were exactly what I wanted but they weren’t enough to recommend this film. Although, you wouldn’t regret it if you went to see it at the theater in downtown Visalia. I give Free Fire a:


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Free Fire Review: Doesn’t Quite Hit the Mark