Imagine a World Without Money

Joe Mendoza


Money may make the world go round. Well, at least to some people, being broke may seem like the apocalypse.

Currency has shaped our culture and beliefs in an overwhelming amount of ways, if not entirely. Our way of life in the USA revolves around the dollar bill. If I am wrong, then people must work nine-to-fives for fun.

Lets take into account the average Joe’s weekly schedule–yes I do mean my schedule. A regular day consists of waking up at 6:30 a.m. to get ready so I can make it to work at the COS Campus Bookstore. There, I work a shift until my one of my classes starts, then after class I return to the store to finish my shift.

My point is this: If I did not need money to survive in this system we reside under, the primary occupants of my weekday schedule would be rendered unnecessary. If money did not exist people would not work theses jobs. This Includes having to wake up early to commute to a job, and going to school to earn that degree for higher pay in the future.

Money is considered to be a beneficial material possession in our society, but if you lack money, your options of living in our world shrink. For example, if I cannot afford a penthouse suite then maybe I have enough for a room at a Motel 6. If I do not have enough for a combo meal, then ill just take a burger. Lack of options may cause somebody to live in less than pleasing conditions. Less than pleasing conditions vary, but it may come with many stress factors. Stress is a nasty sensation alone.

When tied to money, stress may be overwhelming. Stress may cause people to do things that they otherwise would not even think about doing. This is how crime is created. A good example is robberies. The man waving a gun in a cashiers face either loves the thrill of robbing so much that he is willing to risk his freedom for it, or is a person just like you and me, who happens to be in a tough financial situation.

Without money, the financial problems that spawn crime would cease to exist. The dollar is truly capable of causing diabolical thoughts, actions, and division among people. I say this because most people are not concerned with the well being of another individual, as long as they themselves are doing well (whatever “well” means to people today). Most people will judge a homeless man for begging while he is down on his luck, but will become hesitant at the mere thought of even attempting to help his situation. I believe this shows just how selfish our currency makes us.

A world revolved around money is a world full of insecurity, greed, and division. The world without this light green cause of envy would most likely be much better, depending on how much worth people believe they have without it.

Imagine waking up and not having to go to work. Imagine not having to go to work and being able to spend more time with the people you love, doing whatever it is you love. Imagine actually living to enjoy life itself, instead of being borderline zombies that only breathe to collect a check. If everybody believed a world without money is conceivable, then it is.

Money is not everything, but if change is something you want, then it is probably best that you add your two cents.