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COS Mourning Loss of Three Giants

Andrew Urena

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In the start of a new semester at COS; students, faculty and staff are still mourning the loss of two support staff and one professor: Frank Feliciano, Terry Gray and Teresa Guadiana.

All three passed away within a four month timespan.

cos1.jpgFeleciano was a microcomputer specialist, Gray was a videographer and Guadiana was a Puente counselor and coordinator.

Dean of Technology services Tim Hollabaugh was fortunate enough to work with both Feleciano, Gray and also form a friendship with Teresa Guadiana.

Hollabaugh spoke some positive words about Frank Feliciano.

“Everybody loved Frank,” Hollabaugh said. “Ever since he got hired, he has always been a stellar hard working individual. He was very helpful, humble and pleasant.”

Gray and Feleciano started working at COS a year apart, 1999 and 2000 respectively.

1471319_10202396409133067_1785889546_n.jpgHollabaugh enjoyed both of their services and highly praised their resiliency to overcome obstacles. An example Hollabaugh speaks of is when Gray was severely ill and refused to stop doing the job he loved.

“Terry should have been home in bed,” Hollabaugh said. “He was still videotaping, doing things.”

According to Hollabaugh, Gray was covering a COS Board Meeting and passed out while recording. Paramedics and an ambulance came to assist him, and urged him to go home and rest, but Gray refused.

“He wanted to finish the job,” Hollabaugh said.

Feleciano passed away from colon cancer and Gray suddenly died from complications from diabetes.

“These were wonderful people,” Hollabaugh said. “I feel blessed to have been able to work with them as long as I did.”

Joaquin.JPGEnglish professor and former Puente coordinator at COS David Hurst, worked with Guadiana and described her in a few words.

“She was really committed,” Hurst said. “She was such a role model to our students.”

Guadiana worked at COS for over 25 years and brought the Puente program to the school.

The Puente program she brought helped students develop life skills, English skills and build strong camaraderies that are still existing today. The program was English 251 in the Fall and English 1 in the Spring.

According to Hurst, Guadiana was the force of nature in the Puente program, she dedicated her heart, effort and time to her Puente students. Even an aggressive form of cancer caused by a brain tumor didn’t stop her from interacting and counseling others.

Hurst believes he knows what Guadiana’s last request would be.

“She would much rather people remember the importance of the Puente program,” Hurst said.

Hollabaugh agrees.

“The only reason it is sad is because we don’t get the privilege of their company anymore,” Hollabaugh said.

As to what these three left behind, their work here at COS is something that will never be forgotten. Altogether, their work at COS spanned a total of 58 years.

“They were part of the fabric that made up COS,” Hollabaugh said.

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COS Mourning Loss of Three Giants